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Happy March! Spring is in the air and I’m loving the fresh weather! It’s perfect for my current mood which is all about needing a fresh start when it comes to all things books and reading 😜. February was not a great reading month for me 🫤. I really struggled to get much reading done. I don’t know if it was busyness or mood but I fell totally behind! Hopefully March will be better but for now, I’m going to review what I managed to complete last month! If you remember from my blog post, I chose the following books –

  • Atomic Love
  • Be the Bridge
  • Sisters in Arms
  • Stay
  • Ten Words to Live By
  • So Many Beginnings: A Little Women Remix
  • The Cooking Gene
  • The Healer’s Apprentice

I started several of these but didn’t finish them. I do plan to roll some of them over into this month (hopefully!). Let’s talk about what I did manage to finish 😊

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Atomic Love by Jennie Fields

RATing: 3.5 Stars

First of all, this book takes take place in Chicago and I LOVED reading about places that were familiar to me. This was a great story and I really enjoyed it. And I loved that it was inspired by (though not based) a real woman who worked on the Manhattan Project around a real person. The romance felt a bit contrived in my opinion but I thought the characters were believable and pretty well developed. All in all, a great story and I recommend it!

Content/Trigger Warning: There are a few love scenes. Technically open door but not descriptive. Easy to skip over. There are some graphic descriptions of life as a prisoner of war that were a bit intense.

Tell Me Everything by Erika Krouse

RATing: 4 Stars

Okay, this one took me FOREVER to read. As in, I’ve been reading it since last year. Not because it wasn’t good but for whatever reason, I kept putting it down and picking it back up. I’m a mood reader and sometimes certain books are harder to get through 😜.

This is both a memoir and true crime story of the PI who investigates sexual assault and harassment allegations against college football players at a big university. Unfortunately, Krouse has her own history with sexual violence which makes this assignment really personal and more difficult than she anticipates.

I enjoy both true crime and memoir and this book was both fascinating and heartbreaking. Because it took me so long to finish, there are several details I have since forgotten but I can say that I think the story development was well executed and you feel all the frustration you’re supposed to feel with the injustice that all the victims, including author, suffer through. I recommend if you’re into this genre!

Content/Trigger Warning: Obviously, because of the subject matter, she does talk about sexual violence, rape, and child abuse. She handles it with care but definitely proceed with caution if these are triggering for you!

Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews

Rating: 3 Stars

I don’t have a whole ton of experience with fictional retelling of biblical stories but I did enjoy this one. My knowledge of this era of the biblical story is spotty and so it was really great to get some of my gaps filled in the historical timeline. Because it’s fiction, the author does take creative license with the biblical narrative. I think that Andrews does this responsibly and artfully and I look forward to reading her other titles in the future! Aaaaaaaaaand I’m looking forward to reading the actual account in my Bible reading plan later this year!

I tried multiple times to listen to The Healer’s Apprentice and it just didn’t take. I also tried to listen to So Many Beginnings: A Little Women Remix and, no offense to the narrator, but she wasn’t doing it for me. I’m going to try it in print. I’m currently in the middle of Stay and Sister’s in Arms and plan to finish them this month.

Turning the page on a not-so-great reading month and diving into a new one! I’m a few days behind but I’m ready for lots of great March reading!

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