The Kingdom of Heaven: Scripture Writing Plan

I’m so excited about this next scripture writing plan! It’s called The Kingdom of Heaven and man, it was hard not to overload the month with too many texts! 

The Bible talks a lot about heaven and rightfully so, as it is the glorious destination of those who place their faith and trust in Jesus. But heaven isn’t just about a future reality or a hope that we carry deep in our hearts. The kingdom of heaven is also a way of living here on earth. As citizens of a heavenly kingdom, we are simply travelers or pilgrims on this earth for a time and we are called to live with a kingdom mindset. Our approach to life, work, relationships, success, failure, family, and service must constantly revolve around the socioeconomic structure of the kingdom of heaven. In God’s heavenly kingdom, mercy, truth, love, and justice reign. Even though none of those things rule this world, as citizens of heaven, we have the opportunity to shine a little bit of heavenly light here on earth. 

I hope that, as you write these scriptures about the theme of heaven, your heart would be filled with hope for the future as well as purpose for this present life.

May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven <3



And here’s this month’s playlist!

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