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Woot woot! New month, new beginnings! As I was thinking about entering a new month and all of the things I haven’t checked off my summer to do list, I was reminded of the fact that no matter how things may not go as I plan, God’s graciousness is a gift that I am privileged to take advantage of. The good news is that as long as there is breath left in my body, I can always rework the plan. And that’s just one of the many gifts salvation affords me! So this month, we are focusing on the good news of salvation. Because of what Christ did for us, we have the chance, not only of one day living in the presence of God forever, but also living an abundant, fruitful life on this side of heaven as well – that’s such good news!

My prayer is that as you reflect on the good news this month that your faith will be strengthened and you’ll be inspired to rework plans, take a second look at your challenges, try again, press forward, and push for excellence in whatever you do. Jesus saved us and we have hope and a future – that’s good, good news! The very least we can do is live like we believe it!

Feel free to download the graphics and follow along with this plan. You can join the Club 119 Collective and the Live Well Faithfully space to engage with the others who are doing this scripture writing plan!



Happy writing!

Grace & Peace,


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