The Anatomy of a War Binder

If you’re into Bible study, scripture writing, Bible journaling and just general spiritual growth and hang around YouTube & Pinterest long enough, you’ll come across the War Binder. Inspired by Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent, the War Binder is a suped-up prayer journal for the woman who wants to take her prayer life to the next level. 

Back in early 2018, I put together my first War Binder. I had just read Fervent and seen the movie War Room a couple times by then and knew I needed to make a binder for myself! I even made a flip through video for YouTube! Everything was great. I had my War Binder and I was using it.

Until I stopped using it. 

Over two years later and my poor War Binder has a bit of dust from sitting on my shelf for months and months without much notice. I finally decided that enough was enough and it was time to bring her back out. I figured that if I don’t do anything else this last quarter of 2020, I need to at least kick my prayer life in gear. But first, my binder needed a face lift. Now she feels brand spanking new with a new cover and dividers. 

Today, I’m going to share the anatomy of my War Binder 2.0. I hope it helps you if you’ve ever wanted to make one for yourself!

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I’m going to divide this post into 3 parts – 


But first, here’s my War Binder walk through video!


The list is pretty basic. You need a binder (I use a half letter size), and some paper (lined half letter size), and some dividers (I use half size sheet protecters and binder dividers). You can shop your local Walmart or office supplies store. If you’re finding the pickings slim, you can shop this Amazon list below for the products I use and recommend. 

You doesn’t have to use anything fancy! Shop your home and see whatever you might have in your stash before purchasing anything.

You’ll also need whatever writing tools you like best!


Mkay, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the War Binder. I have divided mine into 7 main sections – 

  1. Praise/Worship
  2. Confession
  3. Me
  4. My Husband
  5. My Marriage
  6. Home
  7. Weekly Prayers (which includes the following sub sections) – 
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Ministry
    4. Church
    5. Reaching Beyond

In my first War Binder, I slipped some pretty scrapbook paper in some sheet protectors for my section dividers. And it worked well! You can absolutely do the same thing. This time around, I decided to go a different route. Because song lyrics often play in my head when going about my day, I thought it might be fun to incorporate some of my favorite songs throughout my binder. So instead of labeling my dividers as “Praise”, “Confession”, “Marriage” and so forth, I chose to go with lyrics and pictures! Here’s how they turned out – 

Let There Be Praise by Sandy Patti
I Repent by Steve Green
Something Out of Me by Nichole Nordeman
The Way You Smile by Newsong & Francesca Battistelli
I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman
Household of Faith by Steven Green
Forever in His Care by First Call

I LOVE how these turned out! I feel like each section has a distinct feel and personality! In each section you can keep blank/lined/dot grid paper for recording prayers, requests, answers, writing scripture, song lyrics, quotes, etc. And you can also use these spaces for keeping printouts of resources you find from articles/blog posts/magazines/etc..

In the WEEKLY PRAYERS, I have tab dividers to subdivide the section into 5 more categories. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to spend praying for all the things every single day so this space gives us a chance to lift up specific categories 5 out of 7 days a week. If you want to subdivide into 6 or 7 days you totally can! I just have the five – 

Again, you can fill each section with paper to record prayers, requests, answers, etc..


If you like what I used in my War Binder, you can download them for yourself! Because it was so much fun and I couldn’t help myself, I made about 19 cover images you can choose from as well as blank versions of the dividers (words w/o pictures). I even included a divider for a CHILDREN section if you have kiddos!

(When you click on any of the three options below, it will take you to the attachment page. Click on the file name and the zip file will automatically download)

And here are the rest of the resources I mentioned in the video – 

I hope this helps you make a War Binder you not only love but also use consistently! Let me know if you put one together!!

Grace & Peace,


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