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Life comes in seasons and this is a new one for me.

Hello! My name is Elyssa and I’m a twenty-something girl figuring out life like everyone else. If you know me from one of my previous blogs, welcome to my new space!  If you’re a new friend, then the it’s a pleasure to meet you! *insert hug*

About Me

I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl pursuing an education in the art of healthy habits and routine. I’m a born paperphile who loooooves the smell of ink and paper. Yes, I’m the one who sniffs books in the library and giggles in hobby stores. Music is the passion of my artist’s soul. I love great harmony, and can still be found performing into my hairbrush when I’m supposed to be doing productive things, like vacuuming. A veteran homeschooler, I believe in life-long education because learning shouldn’t end when you’ve graduated. I love spending time with my wonderful family and friends but I also enjoy alone time to read, write, or create.

I married the love of my life in February 2017 and am a brand new stay-at-home-wife. Such a great change in life seasons gave me the final push I needed to repurpose my approach to life. And blogging.

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About the Blog

A life lived intentionally, artfully, and faithfully is something that I crave. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been grappling with God’s purpose for my life and have concluded 2 things: 1). God made everyone with a plan and for a purpose and 2). even in the moments when I may not know His game plan, I do know He wants me to give life my very best!  That means doing things on purpose, cultivating creativity, and chasing after the heart of Jesus. This is the kind of life I want to live and the kind of marriage my husband and I are planning to cultivate. It won’t be easy but we’re so up for the challenge!


. . .

  • Intention: I believe in making intentional, on purpose choices, enjoying life’s sweet moments, and facing challenges with determination.  Many things in this life are out of our control so when we do have a choice, being proactive instead of reactive is always the better option. 
  • Art: Seth Godin defines art as having 3 elements: it is made by humans, it is created to have an impact or change someone else, and it is a gift. I believe that. I also believe that because God, our Creator, made us in His image, we are naturally born with a desire to make art. We all do it differently but when encouraged and nurtured, we can do it beautifully.
  • Faith: Growing up in a Christ-centered home I have learned that faith and trust in God even when I can’t see where the road leads is the only way a person can truly have peace and joy in this life.   

. . .

This blog is where I’ll document experiences and discoveries and share all that I learn as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, artist, reader, and pursuer of Jesus. I’m so excited to share this next chapter of my story and hope that you’ll be inspired and encouraged to pursue the intentional, artful, and faithful in your own life!

Blessings and love,

Elyssa <3