One Year in the Psalms | 2023 Scripture Writing Plan

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I hope you’ve had a lovely December and holiday season! Tomorrow is a brand new year and it’s time for new projects and goals! Today, I want to share the 2023 scripture writing project that will run from January to December.

It’s very simple, from January to December, you will write through a selection of Psalms. Each day, you will write one or two verses which means it’s easy to pair this plan with any other reading plan, Bible study or journaling you’re planning to do through the year. By the end of the plan, you will have slowly written 24 Psalms. My prayer is that as you slowly work through these verses day by day, you would be encouraged in truth and motivated to keep digging deep into God’s Word!

Down below, you’ll find downloadable PDFs and PNGs you can use each month to keep track of your writing!

Happy writing!

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