My January Tending List

This year I decided I want to be more intentional about documenting some of my goal setting process + what I’m working on both personally & professionally. I still haven’t finished writing a blog post about my 2023 goals but I figured that that shouldn’t keep me from sharing my January Tending List in my 2023 PowerSheets! We’re in the second week of the year so I’m already working on it and you’ll see some marks and completion stickers on what I’ve accomplished so far! My goal for the rest of the year is to share my tending list every first Tuesday of the month. We’ll see how this goes!

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If you’re familiar with PowerSheets then you know that the Tending List is broken down into 3 sections –

  1. Monthly Action Items
  2. Weekly Action Items/Rhythms
  3. Daily Action Items/Habits

If you’re not familiar with PowerSheets and want to check them out, there is still time to get your 2023 copy!! You can check them out here 🙂

Here’s what I’ve got on my Tending List for January-


  • Read 5 books
  • Start bookstagram account (completed!)
  • Build out Mighty Network Spaces
  • Start reselling business
  • Post at least 4 YouTube vieos
  • Map out Masterclass re-launch
  • Finalize anniversary plans
  • Buy an address book (completed!)
  • Catalog at least 30 books in Notion database
  • Host a dinner party or game night

Weekly Action Items/Rhythms

  • Date night
  • Friday night ritual
  • Meal prep
  • Sunday Prep
  • The Live Well Notes

Daily Action Items/Habits

  • Quiet time
  • H20 first
  • Workday start
  • Workday shutdown
  • Journal

There are a few other monthly action items I’d like to knock out but I wrote my top priorities on my Tending List based on how I want to tackle my bigger goals for the year. I also made sure to include a couple really simple tasks to the month so that I could knock them off super quickly and start building the momentum. Daily habits and weekly rhythms are the hardest for me so I expect to be working on the same handful pretty much all year long!

December was a rough month for me so I’m very grateful for the freshness of January. Even though I have a lot on my plate, the clean slate of a brand new year always makes me feel like anything is possible and I can keep working hard on what’s important in this season of my life!

I’ll be posting a recap at the end of the month to see how much I got done! Stay tuned 🙂

I hope your January is going well so far! What are you working on this month? If you don’t have 2023 PowerSheets yet, there’s still time to grab your copy! Check them out here!

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