My 7 Favorite Working Girl Essentials

For the past almost 5 years, I had the privilege of working from home, pursuing the entrepreneurial life. Those days ended last month when I started a new regular 8-4 and re-entered the work force as an office girl again. I have to admit that while I do miss the freedom I used to have, I do feel really good about contributing financially to the goals my husband and I are working towards in this season of our lives. 

But now, I essentially work 2 jobs. I’m not putting my entrepreneurial projects on hold just because I have a day job. Now I’m in full hustle mode and I don’t know if it’s the promise of autumn weather (or whatever it is we get here in Texas) or that first paycheck feeling I haven’t felt in awhile but I feel good! Tired but good!

Since my first day on the new job, I’ve been relying on the same few items on a regular basis and I now consider them my essentials. I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re also keeping long hours and need some reliable mainstays as you chase your dreams!

Here are my 7 favorite working girl essentials.

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It Is Well Travel Mug

This is my absolute favorite travel mug for my morning decaf, tea or cocoa. It’s classy and makes such a great statement! Some of my favorite mugs in my collection come from the Daily Grace Co. And this is one of them! If you’re looking for some great inspirational drink ware, I definitely recommend their shop!

Full Focus Planner

With everything I have to juggle, it’s so important I don’t let things slip through the cracks for lack of having space to write things down and keeping important information together. Enter the Full Focus Planner. The day-on-two-page spread is PERFECT for taking notes, writing appointments, to-do lists and my top 3 priorities of the day. I love it! I highly recommend this planner if you haven’t chosen your 2022 system or if you’re needing something to help you through the last quarter of this year! It’s an undated 3-month planner which makes it really easy to start it whenever you need it. 

MakeUp Eraser

I hadn’t been in the habit of wearing make up every day but now I use eyeliner, mascara, compact powder, and an eyebrow compact. That would normally mean makeup remover wipes every night but not since I’ve been using my MakeUp Erasers. If you’ve never used a MakeUp Eraser to wipe the day off your face, let me introduce you to your new favorite skincare essential. With a MakeUp Eraser, all you need is water to remove your makeup. And that includes waterproof products. Simply wet your soft, fluffy MakeUp Eraser and wipe off your makeup! I usually follow that the rest of my skin care routine (when I’m being good) and that’s all! And they’re so easy to use and machine washable. I just through them in with my bath towels and I they are like brand new every time! I hiiiighly recommend them!   


Okay so this isn’t a product but it’s essential! Last weekend, my husband and I sat down and reworked our entire household budget now that our income has changed. We talked about the areas we needed to be intentional with our spending and we got crystal clear about our savings goals. I’m telling you, there’s nothing more grounding on a bad day than remembering exactly what you’re working for. Being on the same page financially is such a gift and I’m so glad we took the time to re-evaluate!

Lunch Bag

Speaking of budgets, I’ve been doing really good at bringing my lunch everyday. It’s good for our monthly food budget and I don’t like wasting my hour driving somewhere to grab something. I love my Business & Pleasure insulated lunch bag. It’s the perfect size to fit my food containers and it’s really cute and fun without being too cutesy (imo).   

Sharpie Pens

When it comes to office work, a good pen is essential for me. I’m a snob when it comes to what I use on a daily basis on the job. I don’t like the ball points they stock in the office so I bring my own (yeah, I’m that girl). I really enjoy writing with Sharpie Roller Pens with .5mm point. If you’re a fellow pen snob who likes a nice, fine point and dependable ink, I recommend them!

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

I bring my laptop to work everyday so I can work on projects during my lunch break. I carry my laptop, planner, and all other personal essentials in my travel backpack. This was a gift from my brother and it’s my favorite throw-everything-in-it bag. It’s comfortable to wear, has great storage, antitheft features, and a USB charging port! I also love its simple structure and cool gray color. 

What are the essentials that get you through your work days?

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