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This month’s scripture writing plan is all about forgiveness. This is such an important topic for us as believers. Our salvation is based on the truth that God has condescended to forgive our sins and mend what is broken in our lives. I’m so excited to write these scriptures this month!

Many thanks to Ladelia for putting this plan together! Here are some thoughts she wrote about this month’s theme:

Forgiveness is a process, not just a thought or an action. Keeping something inside that is holding you captive in your pride, your selfishness, or even your bitterness is not, at all, following the example Jesus put before us when He forgave all of our sins by dying on the cross.

There is no better time to forgive somebody than today, no matter who it is. And there is no better time to ask for forgiveness from God or from anyone else you may have hurt or wronged. God desires for you to have peace and a life full of sharing His love. You deny yourself these two precious Christ-like qualities if you are unable to forgive someone and give it to God. Forgiveness doesn’t mean putting your trust in someone or letting them off the hook, it simply means you are releasing your grip on your pride and hurt and no longer choosing to let it create spiritual, or even emotional, warfare. Look to God for guidance so that you may forgive wholeheartedly.

Praise God for His gift of forgiveness and may we ever be humble to extend it to others!

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Happy scripture writing!

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