Living Sacrifice | Scripture Writing Plan

Happy September!

I’m really excited for this months scripture writing plan, Living Sacrifice, because I’m taking the passages from a personal Bible memorization project I’ve recently started.

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This month, I’m working on memorizing the 12th chapter of Romans and I’m using a Dwell Scripture Memory Journal for the process. They’re beautiful, simple, and easy to add to your quiet time routine! I highly recommend them!

This one that I’ve started working on has Romans 12, 1 Peter 1, and Philippians 1. I thought those would be great passages to write this month! These are such foundational verses about what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus. I’m pretty familiar with all three of these chapters but I don’t know them by heart. I can’t wait til I can recite them all the way through!!

As always, I have the scripture writing plan further down in this post but I also wanted to encourage you to consider choosing some of these verses to memorize! Try this or one of the other 4 Dwell Scripture Journals to help you! You, of course, don’t have to memorize a whole chapter if that’s biting off more than you can chew. You can pick a few verses, write them on some index cards and keep them in your planner, on your mirror, dashboard, or desk. Do what works best but do find simple ways to hide God’s Word in your heart this month!

Both scripture writing and memorization are great ways to soak up the Word. Whatever you decide to do this September, I hope it’s a blessing to you!

Feel free to download the graphics and follow along with this plan. You can join the LIVE WELL STAY FOCUSED COLLECTIVE and the Live Well Faithfully space to engage with the others who are doing this scripture writing plan!



Happy writing (& memorizing)!

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