Glorious: Scripture Writing Plan

I recently bought a copy of Psalms of the Bible: The Songs of Scripture in both Contemporary & Classic Form from Holman Bible Publishers. It’s a gorgeous volume of psalms in both the CSB & KJV. This beautiful book was the inspiration of the next scripture writing plan – GLORIOUS.

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In full transparency, I do not spend nearly enough time in the Psalms. When I do read one, I typically sort of rush through the verses without letting them truly soak into my heart and mind. All of the scriptures point to the wonderful character of God but the psalms do this in a special way – they shouldn’t be read through quickly – they should be savored and meditated on. God is too glorious not to pay closer attention through the gift of poetry and song.

My prayer is that through this plan, all of us will take some time through a few psalms from the Bible and we’ll be inspired to read more of the psalms in the future.

Feel free to download the graphics and follow along with this 5 week plan. It officially starts on Sunday, June 19th. I will be doing some live scripture writing starting next week. My plan is to do this is the CLUB 119 community if the live feature works out, otherwise, I’ll be on YouTube. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email list & a part of The Club 119 Collective to stay up to date!!

8.5 x 11 PNG

8.5 x 11 PDF


And as always, I’ve got a playlist for this plan! You can check it out below –

Also, if you’re looking for tips on how to get started with scripture writing, check out this post –

Happy writing!

Grace & Peace

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