Fearless Heart | January Scripture Writing Plan

We made it. We made it through 2020. Many of us are feeling weary and battle worn. Whatever 2020 has been for you I truly hope that it has been a year where you’ve seen God in the midst of it all. And as we usher in the new year I hope you sense the promise of God’s continued mercies, guidance, and love.

As I was making plans for 2021, I knew I needed/wanted to collaborate with a friend and come up with some direction and rhythm to the scripture writing plans for the year. So I asked my friend Ladelia to not only discuss ideas but to also put together the writing plans for CLUB 119. I’m so excited to have her on board to share with CLUB 119 in this way! I know you’ll be blessed!

When we were thinking about January, we talked about words like bravery & perseverance. Twenty twenty was such a difficult year, and we wanted to start the year with confidence in who God is and all He does for us. It’s through His power and strength that we can be brave and press on when times get tough. Ladelia chose some amazing verses and I landed on the theme – Fearless Heart

Our hope and prayer is that as you write these scriptures in January that you will be inspired, motivated, encouraged, and reminded that we can face our challenges and struggles fearlessly in God’s strength, time, and provision. This doesn’t mean we will have easy lives free of struggle. What it does mean is that we have a friend in Jesus who will walk beside us through whatever this life brings and that He will defend, protect, and preserve us according to His will.

We don’t know what 2021 will bring but we know Who is in control and we can face it all with fearless hearts.

Below, you’ll find some graphics you can download to your device as well as a PDF version of the writing plan. And as I’ve done the past few months, you’ll also find the link to a playlist on Spotify called Fearless Heart. 

May our wonderful Lord and Savior bless you and keep you and your family this New Year!

Grace and Peace,


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