42 of My Favorite Valentines Date Ideas

It’s that time of year for hearts, chocolates, cheesy cards and flowers. And I am here for it! I know Valentines isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I am unashamedly a fan of the season! I loved it when I was single and I love it as a wife. Add the fact that my wedding anniversary is in the same month, and you’ve got my second favorite holiday season after Christmas!

When we were engaged, I made my husband promise that we wouldn’t combine Valentines and our anniversary (no twofers here, thank you very much!) so we’ve got two opportunities for some extra special dates! Since we’re in brainstorming mode, I wanted to compile favorite Valentines date ideas. If you need some ideas for the 14th (or an anniversary or birthday or any time really), I hope these recommendations give you some inspiration!

Before we get started, FYI –

  • I did an autumn themed date idea blog post a couple years ago. Some of the ideas in this post are the same one but there are several in that post that aren’t included here so can reference both if you want to! Check it out here.
  • My biggest date idea resource is The Dating Divas. I loooooooove perusing their site for fun stuff to try with my hubby. They’re too good not to share so I’ll be directing you to posts and resources from their site several times!

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These days, if you’re on a budget, staying home is sometimes way more preferable than going out. But it doesn’t have to be boring! The following ideas can be combined to create a fantastic date night or afternoon (or entire day if you’ve got the time!).

  1. Indoor picnic. If it’s not picnic weather outdoors, set up a romantic picnic in the living room or bedroom! Complete the experience with a picnic blanket & basket!
  2. Breakfast in bed. Come on now, who can resist some pancakes with strawberries & fresh whipped cream? Or mini waffles or French toast? Or whatever you love to eat in the AM! Cook up your breakfast favorites together and crawl back into bed & enjoy 😊
  3. Create a playlist. Pick your next road trip jams or put a worship set together. You could even create a yearly selection with a theme representing your current season!
  4. Dance party. A little slow dance in the kitchen? Or maybe you prefer to kick up your heels. Whatever your style or speed, you never know what a little arm-in-arm could mean later 😉
  5. Spa day. You’re both busy and probably a little worn out from the daily hustle. Sure you absolutely could go to a spa (if you’ve got the bucks!) but why not treat spoil one another yourselves? Bubble bath? Shower for two? Massage & facial? Mani and pedi? Play soft music, diffuse oils or light candles, and grab the epson salts and treat each other to some self-care time.
  6. Set goals. I know this doesn’t sound romantic but hear me out! If you’re doing this during February, it’s still the beginning of the year and if you haven’t set any goals for the year, now is the perfect time to work on some together. Even if you have set goals for your work or personal life, sharing them with your partner and talking about how to make them happen together is super important! You never know how you can impact, motivate, and cheer each other on if you don’t enlist one another’s help!
  7. Take a personality test. This might not be your jam but I love personality tests! If you haven’t explored this way of getting to know one another better, definitely give it a shot! I’m counting this as a home date but this would be perfect to do while out to dinner at your favorite restaurant or hanging out at a coffee shop on the weekend! If you don’t know where to start, check out either of these to get you started!
  8. Make a charcuterie board. I LOVE charcuterie! We own 3 different boards (one handmade by my husband) and I so enjoy putting yummy spreads together! They can be as simple or elaborate as you want. If you’re celebrating V-Day or an anniversary, check out these ideas!
  9. Homemade pizza. Another great DIY dinner is homemade pizza! No matter your food preferences, you can make a great pizza just the way you like! If baking isn’t your thing, check your local grocery store for ready-made dough or pizza crust. You can even skip convention and make pizza with French bread, bagels, Naan, or tortillas! Mix it up and have some fun!
  10. Sexy Escape Room for Two. Escape room at home? Sure! Sexy escape room!? Tell me more! The Dating Divas have this amazingly cute little bedroom date you can try for just $15! Wanna try something a little different without breaking the bank or leaving the house? Give this a try! Check it out here.
  11. Read a book together. This can either be super romantic (some poetry), goofy (a comedy), or educational (a subject you both want to learn more about). Whatever direction you go in, reading together is a great way to slow down and bond.
  12. Turn up the heat. We are talking about Valentines, yeah? Why not get creative about the…hot and heavy? The Dating Divas has an entire selection of sexy dates you can pick from to turn up the heat in your bedroom (or hotel room or whatever!). This is the perfect time to get out of a rut or just try something new!
  13. Plan a vacation. Maybe you can’t getaway right now but why not plan your next vacay? You could go about this two ways – be realistic or ridiculous! This might be a good time to plan what you’re going to do the next time you take PTO oooooooooor it could be a great time to throw budget to the wind and pretend you’ve just struck it rich! Have fun planning the vacation of your dreams even if it’s beyond your reach. Who knows? You just might get to go one day 😁.
  14. Learn a new language. Have you been wanting to learn some foreign lingo? Why not start together? Download a language app or check out what YouTube has to offer and start learning some new words!
  15. Clean out your closet. Again, doesn’t sound romantic but completing a household project together could be fun and you’re killing two birds with one stone (okay, I don’t mind saying those words but typing & seeing them is a totally different experience 😆). First, you are knocking something off your to do list, and second, you’re taking the opportunity work on something as a couple. This may be a normal, no-brainer experience for some but not every couple is in the habit of tackling projects as a team. If you’ve been passing each other like ships in the night, try working on a project like your closet – you may organize more than just your sweaters and socks.
  16. Try cooking a new-to-you cuisine. This could get really interesting! Search for recipes you’ve always wanted to try. Hopefully it’s a successful experiment and you’re not ordering takeout afterwards!
  17. Do a puzzle. Steven and I really enjoy doing puzzles together. It’s fun to do while talking or listening to an audiobook. It’s a great way to slow down and not be on a screen. Check out your local bookstore or this online retailer for options!
  18. Fire up the grill. When I asked my husband for suggestions for this list, this was one of his ideas. You obviously have to have a grill for this but if you do, this is a fun option – even if it’s cold! There is nothing like food cooked outside – we love it!
  19. DIY bar. I don’t drink so bars aren’t my scene but I do love an at-home DIY bar situation. This can be a couple thing OR a family affair to do with your kiddos. It’s also great for Galentines too! Here are some ideas to get you started –
    • Hot cocoa bar
    • Popcorn bar
    • Baked potato or mashed potato bar
    • S’more’s bar
    • Ice cream bar
    • Pasta or mac & cheese bar
    • Waffle or pancake or French toast bar
    • Taco bar
  20. Make a bucket list. This is like the extended version of the set goals idea. Cast a bigger net than just the year – what do you want to do in the 5, 10, or 20 years? Where do you want to go? What do you want to accomplish? What fun challenges do you want to try? What skills do you want to master? What kind of impact do you want to make? Dream big about what you’re most passionate about! Put your list where you can both see it and schedule time to review it every month or quarter.
  21. Write a love letter. This is something I definitely want to do this year! This is a little different than a card or letter you might give to your sweetheart on a special occasion. This is a letter you write and give to one another the following year. We did this at a marriage conference early in our marriage. They mailed our letters to our address a year later and it was really fun to open & read them! You could ask trusted friends or family members to mail them to you next year if you want to get fancy but you could simply tuck the envelopes in a safe place and then set a reminder on your calendar to open them on the date you choose!
  22. Learn how to make a drink. Again, non-drinkers here but I’ve saved several mocktail recipes that I always forget about! This would be the perfect time to try a new drink recipe to complement whatever meal you’re enjoying during your date!
  23. Plan monthly dates for the rest of the year. Why not make a list of fun things to try for the rest of the year. You can get creative with themes and activities every month. Make sure you get out your calendars and schedule them in so life doesn’t get in the way of your plans! If you need some ideas, check these out –


Let’s say you wanna get out of the house but you’re in a rut, doing the same thing over and over? First, don’t over think it or over complicate it. The simple things can be the sweetest. Here are some ideas to consider.

  1. Coffee shop date. This is in my fall dates post but it’s something Steven and I are planning to do during our anniversary weekend so I thought I’d include it here. I’m a simple girl and I love a good coffee shop date. We’ll often bring our laptops and co-work together. We have different jobs so it’s just nice to sit across a table and work on our projects together even if they’re not related. Moments of quiet camaraderie are something I thoroughly enjoy in our marriage. If this is a just because date, then by all means, try the co-working thing buuuuut if this is a special occasion, try ditching the screens and talk. Really talk. Take the time to look at each other’s faces and reconnect.
  2. Double date with friends. You definitely gotta have just the right set of couple friends for this but celebrating Feb 14th with close buddies could be really fun! Do it up or keep it low key – just have a great time!
  3. Recreate a favorite date. This is on EVERY date night blog post but it’s a great option. If you’ve done something that you both loved, why not do it again? And why not try and do it the exact same way? This can be especially great if you’re married and you’re recreating something you did pre-marriage!
  4. Try a new restaurant. This sounds so simple but maybe you’re like my husband and me and get stuck eating at your old standbys and forget to go outside of your comfort zones. Look up new places with great reviews and check them out! You could even create a list and categorize them by cuisine and price range so you don’t have to default to the same-ol’, same-ol’ if you’re itching for something new!
  5. Escape room. Okay, so I’ve never done this and it’s on my bucket list. I think this would be a fantastic Valentines or anniversary date! It’s also another great possible family or Galentines date too!
  6. Museum. If you live in a city with great museums, this is a great time to take advantage of them! This isn’t something I remember often enough but might add to our anniversary itinerary! If you want to add some extra fun to your museum trip, check out this museum date scavenger hunt!
  7. Miniature golf or top golf. Mini-golf isn’t my jam as much as top golf. Probably because I’m better at the latter. And for a non-sporty-at-all kinda girl, I wear that badge proudly! This is another great opportunity to talk and connect while also fostering some fun, healthy competition! Pick something that the loser has to do for the other at the end of the game! Wanna add an extra twist? Check out this Ultimate Mini-Golf Date!
  8. Get a hotel room. Doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. Doesn’t have to be an out-of-town thing. Get a hotel room for a night or two and enjoy a staycation! And if you want to add some extra fun, try these ideas for a hotel slumber party date!
  9. Axe throwing or archery. Another suggestion from my husband! I’ve only done archery once at a company Christmas party but only got to shoot once so it barely counts. I’d like to give it another try. And I’ve never done axe throwing. I’m interested to see if I’d be any good at either 😂
  10. Take a class. Check our area for what kinds of classes are available near you! Trying something new or honing a skill set together is a great way bond with your sweetheart!
  11. Car date. Ever been on a car date? I don’t mean backseat session (although…😉). Mix it up in your car with one of car dates –
  12. Drive Thru Date – What happens when a progressive dinner meets a car date? You get a drive thru date. I keep forgetting to try this! I’m definitely putting it on the calendar sometime soon! Check it out here.


Is one of your goals for the year to spend more time outside? Yeah, same. Try stacking one (or some) of these with a great meal and another in-home activity you’ve got a good thing going!

  1. Go for a walk. You may get steps in walking around your neighborhood but why not check out a new park or walking trail? Not only are you getting great exercise and fresh air, it’s a fabulous way to unplug and reconnect! We also like adding ice cream to our walks sometimes cause you know, balance 😉.
  2. Go for a drive. This may turn out to be a simple luxury with gas prices but if you live near scenic areas, taking a drive might be just the thing! Combine it with a stop for desert and you’ve got yourself a fun little excursion!
  3. Watch the sunrise. When Steven and I were dating, he picked me up one morning in the wee hours and we drove to a place we’d camped and picnicked and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful, peaceful and a great way to start the day (even though I don’t remember anything else we did that day!). This is obviously something you can do at home but if you can’t see the sunrise in all her glory from your domain, I suggest driving somewhere you can see it better! Grab a blanket and a cuppa and enjoy the beauty of a new day together!
  4. Go sledding. K, so I grew up with snow in the winter and I loved sledding as a kid. Now I live in Texas and I haven’t had a snowy winter in so long. I miss it so much! If you live in a winter wonderland, do yourself a solid and go sledding together! And build a snowman while you’re at it. Then make out by a fire afterwards. Yes, I’m a Christian and I say make out. If you’re married and not making out, you’re doing it wrong 😄.
  5. Photoshoot. Winter pics anyone? If you’re overdue for a photo sesh with your honey (like we are!) make it a whole thing and hire a photographer!
  6. Jump rope. You can do this in your backyard, driveway, or in a park! Get that heart rate up and maybe challenge yourselves to learn some tricks!
  7. Go on a camping trip. This is on my fall post but it’s Steven’s very favorite thing so I’m adding it here too! If the weather permits, a weekend camping trip could be super romantic if the great outdoors is your thing! Plan great camp meals, roast some marshmallows, drink some cocoa, and get in some good cuddles (and the rest, ahem). And if you don’t have a double sleeping bag, my friend, let me hook you up – check these out!

I hope this list gives you some ideas for Valentines Day (an an anniversary or any time you want to try something new!). Let me know if you have some fun ideas you’d add to this list 😃

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