January To Do List

It is the 2nd week of January and so far, I’m feeling pretty great about how this month is unfolding. I wasn’t sure I was going to write and post a to do list but I to have a lot to do in January so I’m going to go ahead and post it.

  1. Buy new bed sheets
  2. Schedule an eye appointment
  3. Pay off both credit cards
  4. Make wedding anniversary plans
  5. Clean out an email inbox (I have 4 and I need to clean out at least one this month!)
  6. Organize 2018 receipts
  7. Finish Home Management Binder
  8. Finish Finance Binder
  9. Read 5 books
  10. Post 8 videos
  11. Publish 8 blog posts

I thought I’d take it a step further this year and talk about my to do list every month on the channel as well!

What do you want to get done this month?

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