36 Romantic & Inexpensive Fall Date Ideas You Should Pencil into Your Calendar

Fall is my all-time favorite season! It has all the feels and, in my opinion, is the most romantic season along with winter. Everything feels so warm and cozy and lovely. With all that romance in the air, it would be a crying shame to let it go to waste in the name of a too-busy schedule!

I’ve been addicted to dating my husband since our first time out and I want to make this an autumn to remember – spending quality time with my favorite person during my favorite time of year! So even though it’s not officially autumn quite yet and it’s still over 80 degrees outside, I’ve made a list of some date ideas I want to pencil into our calendar. I know we won’t get to do everything but I’d love to cross as many off the list as possible!

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I know the title says inexpensive date ideas and most of these are but there are a few that could be a bit of a splurge depending on how you go about it. I figure, if we have the chance to splurge here and there, we’re going to! Some of the activities can also be combined into one date and some of them can be turned into outings with friends and family if you so choose. But all of them can turn any time of day into a romantic time.


  1. Build an indoor fort. Maybe you’re thinking what happens after we build the fort? Well, um, I shouldn’t have to tell you lol ;). But if you want some cute creative ideas for the rest of the evening, check out these great indoor fort ideas 😀
  2. Make homemade hot drinks. I wanna try this spiced cider recipe and this salted caramel cocoa recipe.
  3. Have a game night for 2. Get out your favorite board and card games. Steven and I haven’t been in the habit of playing games (we need to start) but our absolute favorite card game is Dutch Blitz. We really want to try Ticket to Ride and Catan. For more inspiration for game night, you need this post – BOREDOM BUSTER, COUPLES GAMES, & ACTIVITES.
  4. Have a sexy game night for 2. Like game night for 2 but with added um…heat ;). Check out THIS POST and THIS POST to get you started.
  5. Have a movie night. Chilly nights are great cuddling in front of classics and favorites <3.
  6. Fondue night. I’ve wanted to try this out for awhile!
  7. Give each other massages. Back, head, feet, hands – go for it! Throw in a bubble bath, some facial masks, and infused fruit water make it a couples at-home spa day!
  8. Bake together. Cookies, pie, cake, bread, whatever! Be creative and have some fun in the kitchen making sweets!
  9. Work on a craft or DIY project. 
  10. Have breakfast for dinner. Turn on your favorite tunes, flip some pancakes and pour the OJ! Breakfast for dinner is always a great choice!
  11. Decorate pumpkins. We don’t celebrate Halloween but I want to try getting creative with fall decor this year – starting with some pretty pumpkins!
  12. Prepare and eat a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Pick a small selection of your holiday faves and enjoy a mini feast for 2!
  13. Have a sleepoverGet out your sleeping bags and camp out in the living room like you did when you were a kid.
  14. Try Origami. (Check out this book & paper to get started).
  15. Create a Marriage Resolution. I love this idea. It’s taken from the movie Courageous. What? You’ve never seen it? Click here.


  1. Go out for your favorite dessert. This is especially nice when you only have a short window of time and you want to do something short and sweet!
  2. Go to the rodeo. My husband has been mentioning this for awhile. I have never been!
  3. Go to the coffee shop. We’re not huge coffee drinkers but coffee shops are good for a quiet time with a good book or conversation. They’re also great for working on projects together if you need some time outside the house.
  4. Visit the gourmet grocery store. Go to your favorite gourmet grocery and buy food for a great, simple meal. Then go home and make dinner together!
  5. Traveling Dinner. Appetizers at one restaurant, main course at a second restaurant, dessert at a third.
  6. Go bowling.
  7. Go to the arcade. Up for a date night themed challenge that includes redeeming your tickets back at home (wink)? Check this out!
  8. Go rollerskating.
  9. Go on a Car Date. This is a crazy creative date you can try on a chilly night! The activities and printables are amazing!


  1. Go on a weekend camping trip. This is one of my husband’s very favorite things. Hopefully we’ll get to squeeze in a few trips before winter!
  2. Take a weekend road trip. You don’t have to go far and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Just give yourself the gift of a couple of days, unplugged from work and responsibilities and have some fun one-on-one time!
  3. Fly a kite. Now I’ve got the song stuck in my head….
  4. Walk in the park. The summer heat can make outdoor walks unbearable. Take advantage of the crisp fall weather and get those steps in!
  5. Go to an outdoor fair or festival.
  6. Visit a pumpkin patch
  7. Go on a hike.
  8. Have a photoshoot. This is a great opportunity to get that Christmas card photo done! Not quite sure how to pose? This post has great photoshoot tips and ideas.
  9. Go on a fall picnic. I’ve been dying for the weather to cool off so we can enjoy a nice, breezy picnic!  Check out this post for 100 PICNIC IDEAS and this post for an adorable ROMANTIC PICNIC IN A BOX! And a picnic isn’t complete without a proper basket! We’ve got our eyes on this one!
  10. Stargaze. (Check out this STARGAZING DATE that involves chocolate 🙂)
  11. Go apple picking.
  12. Go through a corn maze.

And that’s 36 date ideas you can pencil into your calendar this fall! If you need more help strengthening your dating game, I suggest checking out these 2 awesome products from The Dating Divas. I LOVE their site and all the great free printables (many linked above!) and super budget friendly digital products they offer.

I gave 52 Dates for Two as a present to Steven this past Christmas. He really liked it!! Great for birthdays, anniversaries or any time of year!

What are some of your go-to dates?


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