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My Classics Club List 2.0

Once upon a time, in 2012, I wrote a list of books. A list of 50+ classic books I would read over the course of 5 years. I posted that list on my then-blog and thus became a member of the Classics Club.

The Classics Club is an online community where readers all over the world participate in challenges, memes and events revolving around reading the classics as well as share their reviews of the books they read As a nerdy book lover, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Now, a few blogs later, I’ve passed my five year deadline while not having completed my list. So one of my goals on my 101 In 1001 list is to write a new Classics Club list and start a new 5 year term.

This list is quite a bit different from my first one. I decided to be a bit easier on myself this go ’round. I have several re-reads, particularly children’s classics. I am craving visits to some of my favorite reads from childhood. A good dose of nostalgia is wonderful for the soul <3.

The rest of the books on the list are varied – chunky, short, landmark, obscure, highbrow, foreign, older, newer, etc.. I’m looking forward to cracking open new-to-me books as well as pulling titles off my shelves (and out of boxes lol) that have been hanging around for a while.

Alright, enough with the preamble. Here we go!

(this post contains affiliate links. see disclosure here)

  1. Little Women//Louisa May  Alcott
  2. Little Men//Louisa May Alcott 
  3. Jo’s Boys//Louisa May Alcott
  4. An Old Fashioned Girl//Louisa May Alcott
  5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings//Maya Angelou
  6. Lady Susan//Jane Austen
  7. Persuasion//Jane Austen
  8. Fahrenheit 451//Ray Bradbury
  9. Jane Eyre//Charlotte Bronte
  10. The Pilgrim’s Progress//John Bunyan
  11. What Katy Did//Susan Coolidge
  12. Crime and Punishment//Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  13. The Count of Monte Cristo//Alexandre Dumas
  14. Middlemarch//George Eliot
  15. As I Lay Dying//William Faulkner
  16. Madame Bovary//Gustave Flaubert
  17. Room with a View//E.M. Forster
  18. A Raisin in the Sun//Lorraine Hansberry
  19. For Whom the Bell Tolls//Ernest Hemingway
  20. Les Miserables//Victor Hugo
  21. The Hunchback of Notre Dame//Victor Hugo
  22. Their Eyes Were Watching God//Zora Neale Hurston
  23. Portrait of a Lady//Henry James
  24. The Poisonwood Bible//Barbara Kingsolver
  25. Gone with the Wind//Margaret Mitchell
  26. Anne of Green Gables//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  27. Anne of Avonlea//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  28. Anne of the Island//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  29. Anne of Windy Poplars//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  30. Anne’s of House of Dreams//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  31. Anne of Ingleside//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  32. Rainbow Valley//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  33. Rilla of Ingleside//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  34. Emily of New Moon//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  35. Emily Climbs//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  36. Emily’s Quest//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  37. Common Sense//Thomas Paine
  38. Pygmalion//George Bernard Shaw
  39. The Jungle//Upton Sinclair
  40. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn//Betty Smith
  41. All-of-a-Kind Family//Sydney Taylor
  42. All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown//Sydney Taylor
  43. More All-of-a-Kind Family//Sydney Taylor
  44. All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown//Sydney Taylor
  45. Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family//Sydney Taylor
  46. Civil Disobedience//Henry David Thoreau
  47. Anna Karenina//Leo Tolstoy
  48. War & Peace//Leo Tolstoy
  49. The Color Purple//Alice Walker
  50. Ben Hur//Lew Wallace
  51. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm//Kate Douglas Wiggin
  52. Little House in the Big Woods//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  53. Little House on the Prairie//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  54. Farmer Boy//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  55. On the Banks of Plum Creek//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  56. By the Shores of Silver Lake//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  57. The Long Winter//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  58. Little Town on the Prairie//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  59. These Happy Golden Years//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  60. The First Four Years//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  61. A Room of One’s Own//Virginia Woolf
  62. Mrs. Dalloway//Virginia Woolf

If you’re interested in looking into any of these titles further, I’ve compiled a list on Amazon that you can check out.  And if you want to find out more about the Classics Club and how the challenge works, checkout the details here.

Happy Reading!

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