January 2018 Traveler’s Notebook Set Up

Good morning!

I have been waiting to get this post up! I scheduled it for yesterday but alas, my internet has been really fussy and the video was taking forever to upload onto YouTube!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do planner vids for a loooooong time but have never had the guts to do it! This year I’m facing one of my great fears and getting on camera to share my Traveler’s Notebook Set Up. It’s not much but I’m still tweaking – as planner girls are apt to do :).

I’m currently set up in a Prima Traveler’s Journal which I’ve been toting around since last summer and it’s held up extremely well – I love it! I’m not sure I’ll be in it all year (I’d like to try some other covers when I can) but for now, this baby is a trooper!

I ramble enough in the video so I’m going to stop writing and let you watch!


And if you’re interested in anything you see in the vid, here are the links!

– Prima Traveler’s Journal Travel – Holic in Black:
– Prima Traveler’s Journal Nomad’s in Brown:
– Midori Credit Card Insert:
– Midori Zipper Pouch Insert:
– Midori 002 Grid Insert –
– Midori 003 Blank Insert –
– Taroko Design Tomoe River Paper TN Inserts Standard – Dotted – 2 Pack:
– Taroko Design Tomoe River Paper TN Inserts Standard – Ruled – 2 Pack:
– Traveler’s Notebook Inserts Lined –
– Living Forward by Michael Hyatt:
– The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod:
If you want more information about Level 10 Life, check out Boho Berry’s post about how she does it in her bullet journal –
Happy Planning!

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