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Totally missed yesterday’s post. And I normally beat myself up when I miss days in a challenge. But today, I’m letting it not be an issue! Because when I do, perfectionism kicks in and I end up quitting.

So on to Day 6. Nothing special, just a list of stuff I’m currently loving 🙂

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Black Stretchy Pants

Shortly before I got married I bought a pair of stretchy black pants that quickly became a favorite in my wardrobe. After the wedding, I went back to the store and bought 2 more pair. There’s nothing particularly special about them besides being super comfy and versatile. I’ve worn them all spring and summer with everything! I called them my housewife pants cause they made me feel a bit like Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) from the Dick Van Dyke Show. And while I’m not trying to be June Cleaver exactly, I’ll definitely try for the class, elegance, and playfulness of Laura Petrie.

It’s now been several months and these pants are getting a bit tighter where I don’t need them to be so I’ll be retiring them soon. But I love them and I’ll be looking for something real similar!


I really like great candles :). And they’re great for when your house may not be the need and tidy you wish for at the end of the day. Light a well-scented candle, the chaos almost disappears and everything feels homey and lovely.

Nice Sheets

Okay, so you know how it is when you get married. You get to register for stuff. One of the things I couldn’t wait to get was new sheets. New, beautiful sheets with a thread count I could never bring myself to fork over the cash for myself.

We got them and I’m forever spoiled.

It’s not like I slept on bad sheets before. I just sleep on better sheets now. Luxury? Yeah. Keeping it? YAAAAASSSSS!

Listen, I can rough it. I spent 6 days in the wilderness of Colorado this past summer with little to none of the basic stuff we take for granted on a daily basis. And I more than survived. But when I’m at home, I like little luxuries – like nice sheets.

We are not name-brand shoppers and I have no shame in shopping clearance and second-hand but let me tell you, you gotta treat yourself somewhere. We choose the nice sheets.

Sooooooooooooo, when these wedding-registry sheets reach retirement age, we’ll be forking over the money for the good stuff cause I’m not going back!

My Fitbit

My brother gave me with a Fitbit for Christmas last year and I love it! I’ve been rocking a hard-earned wrist tan from wearing this thing so much!

Look, I don’t come to the end of everyday with my to-do list fully checked off. But the simplicity of a finished step-count can make me feel like I accomplished something good and healthy and worthwhile without really trying!

Pre-Made Salad Kits

My husband’s job keeps him out and about on the road all day and he doesn’t always know what he’ll have access to when it comes to lunchtime food prep. So anything that needs to be re-heated is out. The fast-food everyday thing is also out. We finally decided on pre-packaged salads. Not the kind with ice-berg and shredded carrots. I’m talking about the kind with fifteen different ingredients, and packages of salad dressing and mix-ins. I don’t know how many people one bag is supposed to serve but we each eat an entire one for lunch.

I love these cause there are different kinds to chose from so it’s not like you’re eating the same thing everyday. Hubby says he’s full without consuming a bunch of sandwich carbs. I love them for me cause, while I love salads, I reeeeeeeeaaaaally don’t like having to prepare a good one Every Single Day. He opens a bag, I open a bag, we’re good to go! Health + Convenience. I like.


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