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I love Pinterest. I have over 180 boards (time for some spring cleaning?). For some, that’s a crazy amount of boards, for others, I’m little league. I’m the kind of girl who likes things categorized and sub-categorized for easy look-up later.  To my chagrin, my husband has told me, on more than one occasion, that I pin stuff and never look at them again.

“Do you even read that stuff ?” he’s asked me whilst I’m pinning great looking post after another.

“Of course I do!” I’d say even though, inside, I know his comments are 33.58678% true. Okay, maybe closer to 68.72365%.

So ya’ caught me.

I know I’m not the only one who does this. It’s no secret that many of us live vicariously through pin boards, dreaming of the lives we wish we could lead and the stuff we wish we could have. But how many of us actually transfer some of that into our reality beyond a party idea or a new recipe? I know I’ve got some really great stuff in my Pinterest collection. The problem is, I forget about what I’ve pinned and it just sits there and does nothing for me.

In the meantime, I could really use some self-improvement. Ditch some bad habits, take on some good ones. Learn new skills, be more creative, manage my time better, take care of myself better, treat my relationships with more care, be a better servant, the list goes on. And while I believe in the changing power of Jesus in our lives, He can’t work in us if we’re passive. We have to do our part to learn and grow too.

While writing my morning pages, the other day, I sketched out a plan for tackling self-improvement and some of the thousands of pins I’ve curated. It’s an idea that’s been floating around my head for a bit and I decided to make it my spring project. I call it The Better Me Project.

It’s really simple:

  1. Chose 2-5 areas of my life that I want to improve or make a habit of. These can be new things, good habits I’ve dropped, or things I’ve tried to tackle in the past but failed. 
  2. Go through my pin boards and look through the articles that I’ve saved, print them out and keep them in a notebook and actually start working on them.
  3. Keep track of my progress. 

I have to be honest, the whole thing almost sounds cheesy as I’m looking at it cause it seems so silly and simplistic. But if I’ve never taken the effort to try all the cool stuff I’ve pinned then something’s got to change or I’ll just keep pinning and never doing. I need to stop pinning the life I want and start doing the life I want.

I’ve never been good with things like 30-Day Challenges. I’ve never even finished a photo prompt challenge on Instagram! I feel derailed if I miss a day and then just ditch the whole thing altogether. But I like lists, notebooks, and projects!! Making a project out of self-improvement, with lots of space for time, creativity, personalization, exploration, and grace for goof ups, I might just see some forward mobility in my life. I really want to make intentional choices to become a better me.

These are the 5 areas I’ve decided to tackle:

  1. Routines.  I blogged about my Morning Routine a couple days ago. I was going to make that post as part of a spring prep series (which is the reason for the subtitle on the original Instagram and Facebook posts) but I switched gears for this experiment. And I don’t just need a good morning routine, there are a few that I’d like to add to my day.
  2. Journaling. This includes Morning Pages (my new writing obsession!) but is not limited to just that. I used to be a diligent journaler journalist writer when I was a pre-teen/teen but that slowly fell to the wayside when I got older. Because of that, I have spotty records of the my college years, dating and being engaged. I don’t want that anymore. I need to start journaling again!
  3. Prayer & Bible Study. This area of my life always ebbs and flows and I’m currently in need of some serious inspiration and more focus.
  4. Creativity in Healthy Eating. We’re actually doing quite well in the area of food. My husband has been stricter with his diet in the past few months which has forced me to do the same since the wedding. But I’m kind of a band wagon eater. While I love lots of healthy foods, I struggle to be creative and have fun with it. Let’s face it, healthy menu planning takes time and effort!! It’s much easier to resort to mac and cheese from a box! So I acknowledge that I have some bad habits to curb and I want to make good choices for me because I want them not just as a result of my husband’s preferences.
  5. Skin and Hair. I do not take care of my hair and skin like I should be. And as I approach my 30’s (oh my word) this is becoming more and more important. I need to take better care of myself!

This project will be perfect spring jump start. I’m tired of being passive and always wishful. I can’t control everything in my life but I can control some things. I’ll be navigating my way through something I’m making up as I go along but hey! that’s the beauty of some projects, right?

We shall see where this takes me! Updates to follow 🙂

Stay Blessed,


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