April To Do List

Can you believe tomorrow’s already April? March has flown by so fast. Time for another to-do list!

  1. Make a “Better Me Project” Notebook. I wrote about my spring experiment “The Better Me Project” in my last post and now I need to make the notebook where I’ll put everything. Like I need another journal/notebook/planner to add to my stack. But really, who’s keeping track?
  2. Keep up with my Habit Tracker in my Bullet Journal. I have several habit items I need to keep up with and the last time I did a tracker in my BuJo was in November. Soooooooooo it’s time I brought that back into my life!
  3. Work on my Cleaning Schedule. Last month I focused on starting to meal plan and I now need to shift gears and focus on a cleaning schedule. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Kind of dreading it but not as badly as I thought??… Meh. Idk 😆.
  4. Journal everyday. I have GOT to do this. This is also apart of my Better Me Project. I’ve been so lax in this area of my life and I reeeeally regret it!
  5. Blog 3x a week. This is a tall order but I want to give it a shot! It’s about time I got back on schedule 😊.

What are you planning on doing this month?

Stay Blessed,



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