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The Couples Reading Challenge January Round Up

Good evening!

I come to you from a totally different place than what I planned.  First off, neither of us have finished the book we picked! Steven is going to keep going and finish it off and I’ve decided not to. Secondly, funny story, the book we started reading this month wasn’t the one he originally read years ago.  Found out it was the same title but totally different author. Yeeeeeeeah great way to start off our reading challenge experiment! Thirdly, January was quite a challenging month what with our wedding coming up (currently two and a half weeks to go!!), stress from my job (which I was literally dismissed from yesterday – long, rather ridiculous story), and the mess of packing up my things to either store away or move into our place (you never know how much junk you have until you try to pack it in boxes). Suffice it to say, it’s been a crazy 31 days!

Despite our not finishing the book yet, we’ve both read enough to be able to answer the discussion questions for this month.

Discussion Questions:

How did the book impact each of you?

STEVEN: The book gave a stronger realization to yield completely to Christ, not just partially.

ME: The book made me realize how much I rely on myself to overcome my weaknesses rather than allowing Christ to live in me.

How did this book influence your approach to life and marriage for 2017?

STEVEN: It’s given be a stronger desire to study the Word in a deeper way this way. It makes me want to be sure that Elyssa and I believe the same things.

ME: It’s made me want to be sure of what I believe and why and also spend time with Steven studying truth together so we’re on the same page spiritually.

Would you recommend this book to anyone else and why?

STEVEN: So far, I would. It brings out a lot of good points like the fact that we’re unable to keep the law fully, in and of ourselves, but when we yield to Christ, keeping the law is possible.

ME: So far, probably not. The author does have some good points but there were a few things that felt a bit questionable and until I figured those points out, I wouldn’t personally recommend it.


In the chaos that was January, we also never settled on which Bible verses to work on this month. It is something we plan on making part of our regular routine anyway so we’ll call it a late start :P.  I can’t call this a failed attempt at reading as a couple because 1. We did do some reading together, and 2. we’ve become keenly aware of our individual and joint weaknesses. The Couples Reading Challenge is meant to do just that – challenge us. So! Here we press forward on to February!

If you’re blogging through this challenge, feel free to link up below. Otherwise, please leave a comment!


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