• Marriage, Personal

    Picking the Right Fights | #Write31Days

    I love the looks we get when we tell people that we have yet to have an argument. Surprise. Incredulity. Disbelief. “You mean you guys have never had a fight?” “Nope. We never have.” The fact that we get to say that, after being together…

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  • Marriage, Writing

    Write 31 Days 2017

    It’s October which means that it’s time for Write 31 Days! This is an annual writing challenge where writers from all over commit to writing about 1 topic of their choice every day for 31 days. If you’ve never heard of it and you’d like…

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  • Faith, Personal

    Restless (An Invitation to Rest)

    As a lover of great music and great lyrics, I often go through phases when I put a song on repeat for hours or even days to give my heart and mind a chance to soak them in. I’m sure you can relate. Lately, that…

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  • Currently

    currently {9.21.17}

    wishing/listening/loving/feeling/looking/exploring/reading (This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure here.) Wishing that Texas had actual autumn and that the temperature would drop just a bit already. I don’t even need cold. High 60’s would be fantastic!!! I bought an apricot cider candle yesterday (and oh my goodness it…

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  • Reading & Books

    My Personal Canon: The Adult Years

    Once upon a time, in May, I started a 3-part canon of stories that I have loved in my life. It is now September and I’m now just getting back to finishing that 3rd part! It’s been a busy summer! I must note that the…

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  • Homemaking, Recipes

    Homemade Crunchwrap Supremes

    Last night my husband and I tried a copycat recipe for Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme. They were sooooooo delicious! Much better than the original! It’s officially a dinner staple in our house! I posted this photo of my DIY Crunchwrap on both Instagram and Facebook. I…

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  • Personal

    I’m From

    This post follows me everywhere. I wrote 5 years ago on my first blog Unscripted. My internet space doesn’t quite feel right without it! I’m from cozy winter days and hot cocoa, bare feet on wood floors and the aroma of dinner simmering on the stove.…

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