101 Goals in 1001 Days

2018 has been The Year of Brave for me – 365 days of setting goals that scare me, challenge me, and stretch me into intentional maturity and growth. I must say that in all the years I have chosen a word of the year, this has been the most productive.

Having said that, I’m looking to be more intentional as well as brave about goal setting in my life. There are so many ideas and dreams that float around in my head and, lister that I am, I love writing these things down.

That’s why I was thrilled when I saw a post my friend Karla shared on her blog about her list of 101 goals in 1001 days. I have a bucket list that I’m forever tinkering with but that’s a list to keep for life. I love the idea of 101 in 1001 because it has a goal count and a deadline. I’m also loving the fact that she’s inviting others to join her in the fun and accountability. This was a no-brainer for me – I’m joining and sharing my experiences here on the blog.

Plans can be a funny thing – we make them even though we know that they may not ever happen. But that’s okay. I look at planning as forward motion. God can’t guide and direct us if we’re not moving and doing what we should do with what we know. And when we need redirection, He’ll let us know. In all of the day-to-day living, we must leave margin for God to come in and add or subtract, trusting that He knows what’s best for our lives. And He always does. So set your goals, make your plans and dream your dreams and then set them before the feet of Jesus and see what wonderful things He’ll do with your life!

So here’s how this will work. I will have my list of 101 goals below – it’s still a work in progress as you can see :). Every time I complete a task, I’ll link the post/photo/video about my experience meeting the goal! I’ve backdated my start date to last week when I reached my biggest goal of the summer sooner than I anticipated (#58!!). And because I’m nerdy, I’m doing a little color coding for different areas in my life.

My 101 in 1001

Start date: July 18, 2018 (Wednesday)
End Date: April 15, 2021 (Thursday)
Last updated: July 23, 2018 (Monday)

Color Code:

  1. Finish reading the entire Bible
  2. Learn to sew simple, staple clothing pieces
  3. Learn to play the guitar
  4. Learn to drive stick shift
  5. Complete and publish on of the book projects I’ve been working on
  6. Donate my hair
  7. Create a Classics Club Round 2 List and start a new 5 year term
  8. Learn to knit
  9. Learn to crochet
  10. Memorize Psalm 119
  11. Memorize 10 pieces of poetry
  12. Catalog my library
  13. Read 50 books in a year
  14. Learn Calligraphy
  15. Learn to play 100 hymns & worship songs on the piano
  16. Participate and complete NaNoWriMo
  17. Write a devotional or Bible study
  18. Curate a list of 100 books I would recommend
  19. Construct a classy, streamlined, functional wardrobe
  20. Attend Camp Reset 2018
  21. Post an IG story everyday for a month
  22. Land a new day job
  23. Learn 10 solos to sing and accompany myself on the piano
  24. Work on a Classy Lady project – ways to intentionally cultivate classiness in my life
  25. Attend a 2nd marriage retreat
  26. Ride in a hot air balloon
  27. Travel to Europe
  28. Take an New England vacation
  29. Go on a 2nd week-long backpacking trip
  30. Go on a cruise
  31. Travel for a month straight
  32. Go on a picnic date
  33. Curate a list of 20 marriage books I can recommend to others
  34. Build a fort at home
  35. Do a photoshoot together
  36. Take a Chicago trip
  37. Pay off credit card debt
  38. Pay off Student debt
  39. Begin a collection of favorite recipes in a book
  40. Renovate the trailer
  41. Build a home
  42. Establish a home financial tracking system
  43. Do a juice cleanse
  44. Complete a month of successful meal planning & prep
  45. Buy a piano
  46. Create a man cave/shop for Steven
  47. Create an office/studio for me
  48. Go to the gym at least 3x a week for a month
  49. Host a formal dinner party
  50. Throw a surprise party for a friend/family member
  51. Go on a vacation with friends
  52. Go on a family vacation
  53. Host a themed party
  54. Send out Christmas cards
  55. Write to a pen pal
  56. Send birthday cards to family and friends
  57. Host Thanksgiving and/or Christmas at our home
  58. Reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube channel in 2018 – completed 7/18/2018
  59. Rebrand my website
  60. Shoot new brand photos for the site
  61. Create & launch a new video series on YouTube channel
  62. Design my trailer office space
  63. Add a resource library to my site
  64. Design & launch a new version of the Reader’s Notebook
  65. Create an opt-in for my email list
  66. Learn graphic design
  67. Start a podcast
  68. Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram
  69. Start an active FB group
  70. Create and sell a product on my site
  71. Create a online course
  72. Do a fall/winter photoshoot
  73. Host (and complete) a reading challenge

Wanna join the challenge? It’s simple – start compiling your list of 101 in 1001. If you’ve got a blog, write a post. And if you’re on Instagram, hop on over and use the hashtag #101in1001fam on your posts so others can see your progress and cheer you on! And make sure you check out Karla’s original post on her blog to see her list and all the challenge deets & info! You also need to follow her beautiful IG page here.

We all need goals to keep us pressing onward and upward and we all need someone to walk alongside us. So if you’re looking for some fun and accountability, don’t think twice – get started!

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