March To Do List

Hello, hello!

March is here and I’ve been married for almost two weeks! Now with the wedding weekend and honeymoon all over, it’s time for me to get to work! As a brand new stay-at-home-wife, I have a lot to do this month. On my last two blogs, I kept monthly to-do lists and did end of month report cards. I really need to start that up again!

It’s quite simple, I set a list of tasks for March and then I grade my performance at the end of the month. I’m going to keep this month’s list short and sweet:

  1. Set up my home management binder. This is a project I’ve been looking forward to since I got engaged last year. I’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest (you can check out my board HERE and watching videos on YouTube and now, I’m ready to try it out for myself! I do plan on doing a blog post once I have it all figured out, maybe even a video :).
  2. Start meal planning. This is in conjunction with my home management binder. I need our meals to work with our schedules and activities and we want to eliminate junk from our everyday diet. That requires good planning and intentionality. I will admit I’ve never been terribly good at this for myself but I really need to find a rhythm if I’m going to care for our health!
  3. Finish cleaning and organizing the house. I don’t intend for this to take the whole month, a couple more weeks at most (fingers crossed).  We’ve moved into a small space (more on that in the near future) and got several gifts from the wedding that I’ve yet to find places for. I have a lot to clean out and organize. Moving to a new place is always an adjustment but downsizing is a whole other ball game!
  4. Start working out again. My then-fiancé and I were doing pretty well before Christmas and then the holidays and last minute wedding stuff came along and well, we got way off track. Now that we’re settling into normal life again, we both want to get back on a good work out routine at the gym so our memberships don’t waste away.
  5. Get my named changed. I’ve sort of been dreading this. Not because I don’t want to change to my new last name but because there are so many accounts and things to change! *SIGH* Labor intensive! 😛

I’m going to leave it to these top five items. I have a hundred other things to do but if I can get these five things done this month, I’ll have succeeded!  All other projects I complete will also go on my report card for extra credit :).

I hope you have a lovely, productive month!

Blessings <3

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